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Decking Central Coast builds beautiful, durable, and long-lasting decks in Central Coast, NSW. We are committed to providing excellent customer service to all of our residential and commercial clients at all times.

Our deck building and maintenance expertise expand to strong timber floorings, gorgeous balustrades, and erecting truss and frames. With knowledgeable and experienced carpenters in our team, you can expect that we will stay true to our promise of top-quality service at all times.

We are the company to call for Merbau decking and other timber decking needs in Hunter Region, Lake Macquarie, and Newcastle. Contact Decking Central Coast to request a free quote today!

Local Central Coast Expert Deck Builders

You already have a charming home and garden. All that’s missing is a lovely deck where you and your family can enjoy the warm Aussie sunshine and a fresh breeze. This would be an excellent addition to your backyard so you can relax, chill, have a chat, bask in the beautiful view around you, have delicious barbecues, and so much more. The possibilities of enjoyment are absolutely limitless! Decking Central Coast is here to help you design, assemble, and build the most admirable and robust deck where you can relish the beauty of life for many years to come.

Decking Central Coast will help you choose the best decking timber from our vast network of suppliers. From durable Merbau decking to other timber types of your preference, our team of designers and deck builders will give you recommendations and expert advice so you’d know which would work and look best on your property.

We have extensively trained each member of our team. With complete sets of tools and equipment matched with valuable experience and comprehensive knowledge in all things decking, we are here to deliver the highest-quality decking service you will find in all of Central Coast. Our residential and commercial clients come from all areas of Hunter Region, Lake Macquarie, and Newcastle. Our goal stays the same through the years—we help our clients get the deck of their dreams.

So if you’re looking to build a deck on your Central Coast property, whether it’s your home or place of business, there’s no better place to call than Decking Central Coast. Get top-notch service, excellent-quality materials, and professional assistance in all things decks and patios only from the best. Just give us a call, and we’ll schedule a free assessment and consultation. We’ll throw in a free estimate too!


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    What Decking Central Coast Does For You

    Decking Central Coast is a locally-owned business that specialises in timber decks, Merbau Decking, and composite decking. Licensed and certified to build decks of the highest quality materials in Central Coast, New South Wales, we are also trusted builders when it comes to timber flooring, roof truss, balustrade, and handrails. We take pride in our professional team; each team member is professionally trained to deliver exceptional service at all times.

    Once you call us for the free assessment, we’ll schedule a consultation session for you. We’ll listen to your ideas and your preferences. We’ve built ground decks, floating decks, pool decks—name it, we’ve built it! Our team of designers will provide recommendations and expert advice according to our knowledge and past experiences. You’ll have the chance to check out our drawings and designs. Of course, we always customise each deck building project. Every deck project by Decking Central Coast is unique and special. We’ll turn your deck ideas into reality! You will receive a quotation—absolutely free. When you sign the contract, the official deck building process begins.

    While we are the go-to company for residential and commercial decking, many of our clients also call us for all kinds of outdoor building projects, repairs, and, maintenance. No job is too large or too small for us. Each one is given equal importance, and we always deliver our 100%. When you’re satisfied, we are satisfied.

    Our exterior decking projects are durable and long-lasting. With the excellent quality materials and meticulous workmanship, you can expect to enjoy your outdoor deck by Decking Central Coast for many years to come.

    Give us a call so we can start discussing your project. Estimates are always free – no strings attached!

    Top Quality Decking Service All The Time

    From simple decks to building and installing decking with intricate designs, Decking Central Coast guarantees top quality service all the time. Schedule your free consultation and get an estimate deck cost by calling us today!

    We Build the Strongest and Most Beautiful Decks in Central Coast

    There are plenty of builders around, but not many can say that they devote 100% of their time and effort to each project. At Decking Central Coast, all projects are treated with utmost importance. We listen to our clients’ ideas and get them involved in designing the decking project if you wish. Once the building begins, you can sit back and relax as we transform an otherwise dull and empty backyard into one with a charming deck the entire family will enjoy.

    Our services are reasonably priced, but we never sacrifice quality. The ultimate goal is for you to have a beautiful and long-lasting deck. Of course, especially with decks made of timber, maintenance is a must every few years or so to maintain its brand new appearance. The good news is Decking Central Coast does that too. We provide repair and maintenance services for all kinds of residential and commercial decks. Whether you’ve used timber or composite materials for your patio, our carpenters can fix and repair that for you. You can also follow deck contractors kingston ontario advice. Looking for a plasterer in the Coast? Call Plasterer Central Coast.

    A high-quality deck is an excellent investment for every home or place of business. Aside from being an aesthetically pleasing feature that the property’s occupants can enjoy, a deck built with quality in mind can certainly help increase a property’s value.

    a man with a broom cleaning the decking floor

    Timber Decking

    There are many different types of decking timber available in Newcastle. Depending on your preferences, budget, and the design you have in mind, you can choose from various options. Decking Central Coast’s deck designer will, of course, recommend the best quality materials based on your location and intended use for your decks.

    Our many years of experience in building decks for our customers in Central Coast, NSW allowed us to gain valuable knowledge that we apply to our projects even today. While textbook knowledge is still essential, nothing beats the value one can get from experience. Our team of carpenters has built all kinds of timber decks over the years. This gives us the confidence to promise each one of our clients that we can and will deliver the best deck for them.

    Decking timber prices vary depending on the timber type and the decking design you’re looking for. We take into consideration your budget, too, so we always give you options. From hardwood decking best for floating decks to installing garden pine decking and more, you’ll indeed have choices. One thing’s for sure, at Decking Central Coast, although our prices are fair and reasonable, we will never use cheap decking materials. We’re after the quality and long-lasting durability of each decking project.

    breath taking view pool with timber decking materials

    Pool Decking

    Decking Central Coast is your one-stop shop for all your pool decking needs. We offer a wide range of pool decking options, from traditional concrete to more modern and durable composite materials. Our pool decking is designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, meaning you can enjoy your pool all year round without worrying about cracked or chipped concrete.

    Decking Central Coast is also easy to maintain, meaning you can spend more time relaxing by the pool and less time worrying about upkeep.

    outdoor house extention with durable timber decking


    Verandahs are the perfect way to extend your living space and enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to the elements. Our verandahs are made from high-quality materials and come in a variety of styles to suit any home.

    With a Verandah, you can entertain guests outdoors all year round, regardless of the weather. They’re also great for relaxing with a book or spending time with family. Whatever you use it for, a Verandah will add value to your home and lifestyle.

    patio builder creating stunning space


    Patios are the perfect way to enjoy your outdoor space. They’re great for entertaining, relaxing, and spending time with family and friends. And at Patios, we can help you find the perfect patio for your home.

    We have a wide selection of patios to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that fits your style and budget. And our experts can help you customize your patio to make it truly unique. So whether you’re looking for a simple patio or something more elaborate, we can help you create it.

    stunning decking pergola area with flowers


    A pergola is the perfect addition to any backyard. It’s a great way to create an outdoor living space that can be used for entertaining, relaxing or both. Pergolas are also a great way to add value to your home.

    We offer a wide variety of pergolas in different styles and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. Our pergolas are made from high-quality materials and construction, so you can be confident that it will last for years to come.

    yellow coloured construction and a pair of gloves on a wooden floor

    Composite Decking

    Composite lumber is another material that you can choose for your decking needs. This material is a combination of wood fibre, plastic, and strong binding agents. This combination results in a more robust, heavier, and denser material compared to just wood alone. At Decking Central Coast, we can help you design sturdy composite decking for your yard or pool area.

    Since composite decking takes longer to dry than other decking materials, Decking Central Coast’s carpenters will make sure that your ecodeck and composite decks are built with protection. You need not worry about natural elements in the great outdoors such as mildew and mould.

    Best of all, even if composite materials aren’t actually real timber per se, composite decking materials used by Decking Central Coast are indistinguishable. So you can enjoy all the benefits and features of composite decks without sacrificing that beautiful wooden deck look.

    spacious top deck with a stairs with a beatiful mountain view
    nicely done wooden stairs
    bright and relaxing residential deck area Central Coast
    wide area deck in front of a calm water
    a can and and brush on top in a deck hallway

    Merbau Decking

    Decking Central Coast’s most in-demand timber is Merbau, and it is for a good reason. This is why many of our clients request Merbau decking, and we absolutely agree. If you’re looking into building a deck for your pool or garden area, this is one great option you should consider.

    Merbau is known for its resistance to fire. Australia is no stranger to bushfires and so having a fire-resistant deck would be an excellent choice for any homeowner. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have this feature if you frequently enjoy barbecues with your family on your deck. Merbau is also a high-quality type of timber that has low shrinkage and expansion rates. This could only mean that your deck will still look lovely and stay sturdy for so many years compared to other timber types.

    The grain pattern and deep copper colour of Merbau is also a sight to behold. Using this type of timber combined with Decking Central Coast’s expert workmanship can guarantee a beautiful, long-lasting deck.

    Merbau timber ideally requires some maintenance and yearly resurfacing. Deck staining to maintain its charming colour may also be necessary. That shouldn’t worry you though because the Decking Central Coast team is here to assist you with your repair and maintenance needs.

    several pieces of broken woods in a deck

    Spotted Gum Decking

    Another popular choice in decking timber is Spotted Gum. This Australian hardwood material is naturally beautiful, and you can choose from a variety of shades from pale to dark brown. It also has some wavy grain that makes for an even more attractive decking appearance.

    Just the same as Merbau, Spotted Gum has a naturally fire-retardant feature. It means that it can survive bush fires as one of the most challenging and most durable timber types you can find in New South Wales. With regular and proper maintenance, you can expect your Spotted Gum decking from Decking Central Coast to last for decades!

    uninstalled wooden woods in Central Coast

    Jarrah Decking

    Although Jarrah is originally sourced from Western Australia, many New South Wales homeowners still choose Jarrah for their decking needs. Also, fire-resistant, Jarrah’s dense wood properties make it an excellent outdoor choice as it also resists pests and fungi that may result in premature rotting.

    Also, Jarrah works with stains and oils very well as compared to Merbau timber. Although naturally appealing and attractive, this type of wood does not last as long as other styles like the Ironbark. It requires regular maintenance to keep it beautiful and sturdy for years.

    a deck floor pattern in Central Coast

    Blackbutt Decking

    If you’re looking for golden-yellow shades to pale brown colours for your outdoor decking, then Blackbutt timber would be perfect for you. Its strength and long-lasting durability are truly admirable, which makes it the ideal choice for pool decks.

    The straight grain and texture of Blackbutt decking timber make it a good option for flooring too. It takes stains and oils very well as compared to other timber types.

    Decking installation in Central Coast

    Ironbark Decking

    Ironbark is a native Australian timber and is undoubtedly one of the toughest types of hardwood choices you have for decking. Many of Decking Central Coast’s clients choose Ironbark because of its durability that stands the test of time.

    Bushfire-resistant and naturally pleasing to the eyes, there’s simply nothing more you can ask for in Ironbark decking. You can choose from a variety of colour options, including shades of red and grey.

    Decking Renovation & Maintenance Central Coast

    Deck Maintenance

    Decking Central Coast builds high-quality decks with beauty and durability that last for decades. However, every homeowner who has ever had an outdoor wooden deck knows that these decks need some care too. We have a deck maintenance team that’s ready to help out.

    Being exposed to Australia’s scorching heat and some rains can take its toll on decking timber. Although most of the decks we build are generally low-maintenance, being exposed to outdoor elements can result in wearing out and make the quality of timber deteriorate over time. Maintenance is necessary not only for aesthetic purposes but also for your safety.

    Whether you’re looking for simple repairs or full deck restorations, our team is here to assist you. There are handymen and general builders out there, but nothing beats the quality of service you can get from decking experts. At Decking Central Coast, we will visit your location, inspect the deck, and recommend appropriate maintenance methods to bring your deck back to life.

    From sanding to resurfacing to staining and even deck board, stairs, and railing repairs and replacements, we’ll handle it all for you.

    Schedule your deck maintenance assessment and get a free quote from Decking Central Coast today!

    Contact the Expert Decking Builders in Central Coast

    At Decking Central Coast, we believe that every property owner deserves a beautiful and sturdy deck for their home or place of business. Definitely an attractive and useful feature, there are loads of possibilities you can enjoy with your own patio. Whether you’re looking into getting Merbau decking or other types of timber flooring, our team of expert carpenters is more than happy to help.

    We design, build, and install decks from the ground up and offer deck maintenance and repair services as well. We clean as we go, treat your property with the utmost respect, and our job is considered done only when we’re sure you are satisfied with our service.

    For your decking needs in all of Hunter Region, Lake Macquarie, and Newcastle, Decking Central Coast is the company to call. Schedule your appointment and get free quotations today. Check out our partners at Bathroom renovations Wollongong and fencing and landscaping service.


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