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Get the Perfect Pergola: Decking Central Coast

Pergolas are structures where you can relax and enjoy your meal regardless of the weather. It is because when you’re under a pergola, it doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold outside – there will always be shade around. At Decking Central Coast, we have built many different types of pergolas for our clients over the years and would love to help you make one too!

We build and supply pergolas from all over Central Coast.

Decking Central Coast creating a pergola and decks

We have built many pergolas of all shapes and sizes so we can find the perfect one for you. Our process starts with a consultation to get to know your requirements, discuss various options, and recommend what best suits your needs.

At Decking Central Coast, our pergolas are custom-built from high-quality materials such as timber or corrugate iron sheets – whatever suits your taste! We also offer installation services if you don’t have time to do it yourself.

All of our pergolas are made to be durable, weatherproof and fit for purpose. Customers who have a pergola from Decking Central Coast are always happy with the results because we will do everything possible to ensure it is perfect for your needs.


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    Get the Perfect Pergola with Decking Central Coast

    Does your backyard need a pergola? Decking Central Coast has been building the perfect pergolas for our clients over the years and would love to help you create one too!

    At Decking Central Coast, we have been building pergolas for years and understand the importance of choosing the proper structure. Whether you are looking for something traditional or modern – our range has it all! Our clients can’t stop talking about how happy they are with their investment in a pergola so contact us today to get started on yours.

    A Pergola is an outdoor structure where you can relax and take your meals regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. At Decking Central Coast, we are deck specialists at constructing Pergolas that are within your tastes and standards.

    Building Beautiful Pergolas for Outdoor Entertaining

    We have built many pergolas for people on the Central Coast who want to entertain their friends and family. If you’re looking for a way to have more outdoor living space, then contact us!

    It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold outside – there will always be shade around with a pergola. A pergola is a great place to enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon tea. Pergolas are also effective at providing plenty of extra shade and shelter for outdoor dining too.

    We can provide the best quality decking materials with professional installation services that will ensure you’re satisfied every step of the way from design to completion.

    A pergola takes your backyard to the next level!

    A perfect pergola is one of the best investments you can make in your backyard. Pergolas are ideal for year-round enjoyment, and they have a long lifespan that will last well into your children’s adulthoods.

    Our friendly team will design and build pergolas to adorn your yard, providing the perfect place for you and your family. Our decking contractors will give you a free quote and will help to design the perfect pergola for your backyard.

    Pergolas are an excellent way of making outdoor living spaces more welcoming in any climate. They’re also great at providing plenty of shade or shelter when it comes to dining outdoors, as well as giving the space a sense of completion with their elaborate designs. We have all types on offer here, from simple yet functional structures to extravagant creations that might be better suited for private estates than suburban backyards!

    A Pergola can be designed in any shape that suits the curve of your property. A professional design will consider all aspects of what you are looking for with outdoor living space- size, height, material type and location on the property.

    stunning decking pergola area with flowers

    Our team can construct pergolas with the following features.

    Outdoor lightning

    We understand that it might be too dark for you to have your meal. With outdoor lighting, the ambience will always remain lit

    Decorative columns

    If you’re looking for a more formal look or want something that stands out from others. Our Pergolas come with decorative pillars and tops made of quality materials such as vinyl wrapped cedar

    Privacy screens

    For those who are worried about not being able to enjoy their meals in peace without any disturbances, we can install privacy screens on our pergolas, so nobody interrupts your private moment

    Now is the best time to get yourself one! Contact Decking Central Coast today for quotes and consultations. We would love to help make your backyard perfect for all occasions. Please schedule a consultation now

    Why choose us for building a pergola?

    You’re probably thinking to yourself, “why should I choose Decking Central Coast to build me a pergola?” Well, we are specialists at constructing pergolas that are within your tastes and standards. We also offer the following services:

    Pergola construction
    Paving – decking
    Lighting installation

    We want you to have an outdoor space where you can relax with family and friends for many years into the future, so please contact us today!

    Designs: If none of our prebuilt methods suits your needs or budget, we will work closely with you to design something unique just for yourself. All materials come from reputable suppliers such as Western Red Cedar to ensure quality wood is used throughout the building process.

    decks and pergola done by Decking Central Coast

    What are some of the most common benefits of having a pergola built?

    Here are some of the benefits of getting a pergola built:

    1. Increased ventilation and natural lighting

    2. Gorgeous outdoor living space in the warmer weather. Pergolas are excellent for hosting friends or family BBQs, birthday parties, barbeques with pals etc. You can enjoy your time outside all year round!

    3. A more private atmosphere because you can enclose it if needed to create some privacy from prying eyes. It is perfect if children around who may not want their games seen by strangers or neighbours on either side of them. A pergola creates a sense of security that makes people feel at home without spending too much money on materials like doorknobs and locks when they buy their houses.

    4. Improve the value of your home. Pergolas can be an excellent investment because when you use them to revitalize your home and make it even more attractive to buyers or renters, the value of your property will rise.


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