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Custom Composite Decking Constructions

modern alternatives with artificial stone, glass and carbon fibre effects.

Composite decking may not be the first option that comes to mind when you think about re-decking your home, but it is an excellent solution for people who are looking for value and quality in their new deck.

From decks around the house to commercial decks & walkways, our composite materials can help you create something truly unique! Our range includes traditional wood looks and modern alternatives with artificial stone, glass and carbon fibre effects.


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    Composite Decking: A Modern Alternative

    Composite decking has been designed and engineered to replicate the natural appearance of wood but comes with many more benefits. It is made from reinforced plastic which means it has an incredible strength to weight ratio and can be easily installed by DIYers or contractors alike.

    Composite decking doesn’t split, warp or crack and lasts upwards of 20 years when properly maintained. You don’t need to use toxic chemical sealants on composite decking either, as it has a self-sealing surface that requires very little maintenance once installed.

    composite materials can help you create something truly unique decking

    Get a New Look for Less with Our Composite Decks

    Transform your outdoor living space for less by choosing our composite materials over traditional timber decking. Composite decking can look just like natural timbers and is an affordable alternative that will still get you the look that you want.

    New technology has made it possible to create a material with the same appearance as natural timber without all associated problems. Timber can be costly, prone to termite infestation, weather damage, splitting or cracking and rotting. These are not only common issues with wood but also incredibly hard to rectify once they have occurred!

    Composite decking is ideal if you prefer the elegance of wooden decks combined with practicality and low maintenance costs – It looks good for years to come!

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    Top Quality Composite Decking at Affordable Prices

    Our team of experts at Decking Central Coast have a wealth of composite decking experience and knowledge. We pride ourselves in the quality that we provide, using the latest technology and finest materials to ensure that all our composite decking is second to none.

    Our commitment to providing the best composite decking around is clear, and you will receive nothing less than first-class customer service from our knowledgeable staff right through to the delivery of your order, including professional advice on how to protect your investment.

    We know that your decking is an investment that will last for many years to come, and we’re confident you’ll be impressed with just how fantastic our composite decking looks and performs.

    Different Kinds of Wood

    Modwood decking

    Modwood decking is made of 97% recycled materials and is also made in New Zealand. It comes in various exotic colours, including bronze, malachite, eucalyptus and ebony, and more traditional decking colours like red cedar and grey composite.


    Futurewood materials are made of recycled wood, bamboo and plastic. Rather than traditional composite decking, it comprises two components – a recycled fibreboard and bamboo veneer, which gives it added strength and makes the boards more durable. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly option, this could be the one for you.


    Ekodeck materials are manufactured in Australia from recycled plastic. The composite products have an artificial wood grain finish and are available in various colours, including black, brown, grey and natural.

    The Benefits of Composite Materials in Outdoor Decks and Walkways

    Composite decks have become a popular choice over the last decade as an aesthetically pleasing, practical and affordable way to improve any home or business. Composite materials are more expensive than the wooden options, but they provide many advantages for commercial and residential properties that soon become cost-effective.


    The composite deck boards are made from 100% recycled plastic, and as any experienced builder will tell you, nothing lasts forever. The technology used in producing these products has come on leaps and bounds over recent years to ensure that these decks can last as long if not longer than wooden boards.


    The technology of the composite materials means they will not warp or deteriorate due to weather conditions such as rain which is ideal for building a commercial outdoor area such as a restaurant patio or an apartment balcony. In addition, because they don’t require regular painting or staining, you’ll save money on upkeep costs as well.

    Early Decay Detection

    Composite decks won’t rot without any visible changes to their appearance for an extended period, as opposed to other building materials such as timber which begin showing rust and discolouration after the wood has been exposed six months.

    Energy Efficient

    Composite decking is naturally resistant to erosion due to its unique water-resistant surface. The non-absorbent exterior also decreases chances of mould growth, another widespread problem with outdoor decking and balconies. Additionally, there are no gaps between the composite planks, so no insects can get in or out, meaning you won’t have a spider infestation every time it’s wet outside!

    Inherently Fire Proof

    Wood rots when exposed to water, and although wood treated with chemicals may resist rusting under normal circumstances, a fire will cause the wood to deteriorate quickly. Composite decks are resistant to flames and thus can even be used on balconies without any safety concerns around the potential of catching alight in case of a bushfire or similar emergency.

    Why Choose Our Composite Decking Services?

    Here are some of the reasons why you should use our professional services when it comes to Composite Decking Central Coast:

    All decking materials are custom made to order in-house.
    We can offer a variety of styles and designs that adhere to Australian Standards.
    High-quality craft
    No hidden costs or ‘gotchas.’
    We offer free site inspections and quotes.
    Affordable pricing

    At Decking Central Coast, we are committed to providing the highest levels of service and quality. It is reflected in our experienced staff and the high-quality materials we use in our projects. With years of experience, we have built a reputation for delivering superior results at affordable prices.


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