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Deck Your Outdoor Area with Our Pool Decking Solutions

If you are looking for a pool decking solution that will add value to your outdoor area and increase your pool’s lifespan, then our team at Decking Central Coast is ready to help.

We offer an extensive range of swimming pool deck solutions and designs, including pavements, stairs, powder-coated steel frames and more. At Decking Central Coast, we take pride in every project we work on because it’s essential to us that every customer has a positive experience with their new custom swimming pool deck.

Pool Decking Specialists in Central Coast NSW

breath taking view pool with timber decking materials

We’re not your traditional pool decking company. We are pool deck specialists who will work with you to design your perfect outdoor space.

At Decking Central Coast, we design and install stylish pool decking solutions in Central Coast, NSW. We are dedicated to constructing a beautiful and long-lasting pool decking that will not only add value to your outdoor area but also increase the lifespan of your pool.

We take pride in every project we work on because it’s essential that each customer is satisfied and has a positive experience with their new custom pool deck. For professional and affordable pool decking services in Central Coast, NSW, call Decking Central Coast today.


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    High-quality Solutions for Pool Decking

    No matter your home needs, our pool decking services are designed to meet your needs and exceed expectations. Our stunning pool decks are durable, beautiful and built to last.

    We offer a range of pool decking solutions for homeowners throughout the Central Coast, including:

    Custom Pool Decks
    Semi-Custom Pool Deck Solutions
    Basic Budget Solutions

    At Decking Central Coast, we take pride in the quality of artistry put into every project. Whether it’s installing timber floorboards or tile panels on a custom pool deck, our team will make sure it looks beautiful when finished! We want every customer to be satisfied with their new outdoor area because this means they’ll return for future renovations and additions.

    Enhance the look and value of your home with new pool deck designs

    Everyone deserves a beautiful outdoor area. You deserve to have the perfect pool decking at your property in Central Coast, NSW, which will increase your home’s value and add character and style to it.

    At Decking Central Coast, we strive for perfection when designing our new pools decks because we understand how vital a great outdoor space is. We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional service from start to finish on all projects we do, so give us a call today if you would like professional and affordable pool decking solutions!

    Our pool deck designs are endless, so you will indeed find the perfect plan that fits your requirements. All of our decks install quickly and effortlessly with a small environmental impact as well!

    calm pool water with durable decking

    Swimming Pool Deck Designs are Built to Last

    We pride ourselves on using the most durable materials in the pool decking industry. Our team of professionals are experts at constructing long-lasting decks that withstand any conditions and last for years to come.

    Our swimming pool deck designs can be created as a solid surface or interlocking system, guaranteeing superior strength against cracking and maintenance issues. The best part is they’re easy to install, requiring minimal work on your behalf!

    Use our pool decking services to create a more enjoyable and attractive outdoor area for you and your family. With our expertise and experience, you can be confident the pool decking will transform your outdoor space.

    pool decking using timber materials

    Best Quality Swimming Pool Decks at Affordable Prices

    Decking Central Coast offers a hassle-free pool decking solution with the best quality materials and affordable prices. Get superior durability with our range of pool decking, which includes durable and stylish designs.

    We have made it our mission to provide a pool decking service that is second-to-none, so you get what you want for your outdoor area.

    We have over a decade of experience in the industry to make sure we deliver excellent customer service and top-quality artistry that will last for years. Our dedicated team are committed to providing innovative ideas on all aspects of swimming pool decks so it’s perfect just as you imagined it would be – from design to installation.

    Every customer has their own needs, and we can tailor each design around those requirements. Whether you’re looking for complete pool deck replacement or an extension of your existing decks, Decking Central Coast can help!

    Our Pool Decking Materials

    At Decking Central Coast, we use various decking materials to ensure that you get the perfect pool decking for your outdoor area.

    We use high-quality materials, including:


    commonly used because of its price and natural look.


    This is an excellent option if you want something that will blend in with your outdoor area more quickly than other materials. Plus, it’s eco-friendly!


    Durable and robust decking material for pool decks and hot tub surrounds


    another popular choice because of its durability but can be pretty expensive too.

    We offer free consultations to help plan the best pool decking design for your requirements on our site. You don’t need to worry about anything as we’re happy to take care of everything from start to finish, including removing old boards or installing new ones around pools or spas. We also can custom design and create a deck that will fit in with your requirements.

    Why Choose Us

    We’re the pool decking experts in the area, and we’re passionate about making you happy. Our team will provide a quality decking solution that suits all of your needs, whether your pool is new or old.

    We take pride in delivering the best service for every customer and delivering on time and within budget. When it comes to pool deck construction, we are experts in sourcing materials from around Australia, such as timber species like cedar, pine, cypress, and Australian redwood, to suit any coastal environment. Australian redwood to each customer has different requirements, so our team is committed to building quality decking solutions for every person, including backyard pools and commercial projects such as hotels and resorts. We have expertise in outdoor living spaces, including wading pools, swimming pools, and spa surrounds.


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