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Entertain in Style: Design Ideas for the Ultimate Outdoor Deck

Design an outdoor paradise this summer with Decking Central Coast

With a bit of planning and design savvy, you can transform your outdoor deck into the ultimate place for entertaining in style. Whether hosting an elaborate dinner party, backyard barbeque, or fun birthday celebration with friends and family, a thoughtfully designed deck can be the perfect centrepiece for any gathering. From choosing materials and colours to deciding on amenities like seating or built-in fire pits — there are many options to create the perfect atmosphere for your al fresco event! Read on as these deck builders Central Coast, share their essential tips and best practices for creating an outdoor oasis that will wow guests this summer.

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Maximize seating options with comfortable couches and chairs.

After deck installation, a seating place should be a priority. Whether it’s a few lounge chairs to relax and take in the view or a comfortable couch for socializing, having enough seating is vital! Choose pieces that fit your style and the space available — from traditional wooden chairs to modern outdoor sectionals. Create different areas for lounging and dining so guests can move around freely during the festivities.

Create a stunning visual focal point with a modern fire pit.

A focal point is a beautiful design element for any outdoor deck — and a modern fire pit can create an eye-catching visual feature. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to look at, but guests will love the warmth during cooler months! Fire pits come in various shapes and sizes, from sleek stainless steel bowls to natural stone designs. Consider hanging candles or string lights to light up the space if you want something more low-key. 

Utilise the space under the deck to store outdoor furniture and items.

Some decks are built to be raised higher off the ground — which creates an excellent opportunity to utilize the space below. If you have stairs leading up to your deck, consider adding built-in storage or seating underneath for extra amenities and items (like folding chairs or outdoor games). This not only adds more functionality but can also help balance out the overall design of your deck.

Add privacy with a trellis or lattice fence for an enclosed deck area.

Adding a trellis or lattice fence can add privacy and protection to your outdoor deck. Whether blocking out the neighbours or providing shade, a trellis can be a great finishing touch that adds visual interest to the space. If you don’t want to install a permanent fence, consider using large potted plants or windscreens for more temporary solutions.

Ensure ample lighting for guests so they can see at night.

Lighting adds functionality and aesthetics to any outdoor space, especially at night. For safety and security, it’s essential to have ample lighting so guests can see where they are walking and moving around. Depending on your desired effect, You could use outdoor lamps and string lights. Choose lighting fixtures that fit your deck’s overall design aesthetic—whether modern or rustic.

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Incorporate nature into your outdoor décor, such as potted plants and hanging flowerpots.

You cannot go wrong with adding potted plants and hanging flowerpots to your outdoor deck. Not only do they bring a beautiful dose of nature into the space, but flowers can also add bright pops of colour that will draw in guests. Consider planting different types of greenery — from climbing vines to herbs and small shrubs. And don’t forget to choose pots that fit with the overall aesthetic of the deck.

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Get creative with Decking Central Coast!

Decking is an attractive outdoor feature that offers an array of benefits. From its aesthetic appeal to its practicality and durability, it can transform your outdoor space into a fantastic living area where you can enjoy the outdoors in a timely and organized manner. Decking improves your outdoor spaces and adds value to your home, should you decide to sell it one day. Decking Central Coast are the go-to professional in providing and building top-tier decks with high-quality materials and reliable services. Its experts with decades of experience will give you the best results to add elegance and beauty to your home. Call Decking Central Coast today for a quote on all your needs for decking, maintenance, and renovation – whatever your problem might be, they can help you find a steady solution!